Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fence Removal At Ennerdale

Yesterday we were back with the Wild Ennerdale volunteers & Forestry Commission continuing a work party that had been started last week. Andy got a lift to the work site which was just beyond High Gillerthwaite Youth Hostel whilst Karen walked the dogs over. Autumn is coming to the valley as you notice the change in the trees now It was a grey day with the cloud down on the higher tops, but it was at least dry at the moment. The group from the forestry track when Karen reaches them Karen soon gets to work, there is a lot of fence to be removed to allow wider grazing access for the Galloway cattle. The fence was needed intact so the job was to remove all the staples from the fence & barbed wire & only cut the fence into about 100m lengths
A section of fence has been removed
And then rolled up
There is a lot to remove, the dogs really enjoyed it as we were by the River Liza & between playing in that they were chasing sticks in the field
The next section is removed and once this is complete we call it a day. We will be back next week. As it is nearly an hours walk back to the Karen sets off with the dogs
Although rain has threatened all day it has stayed dry & as we approach Bowness Knott it even looks a bit brighter to the west
A last dip before we get back to the car

Friday, September 24, 2010

Surprise View & Ashness Bridge

On Wednesday the weather wasn't forecast to be so great so we headed over to Keswick. When we arrived it was dry so we drove up to Surprise View. Looking across Derwent Water to Cat Bells And then down towards Keswick Zooming in on Derwent Isle & the house which is owned by the National Trust We then drove back to Ashness Bridge
More fungi this time near the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick
We were really lucky with the weather and had three really good days out. Thanks to Anne & Ian also for the photos some of which we have used on the three posts.

A Walk At Ennerdale

On Tuesday we went for a walk at Ennerdale. We parked at Bleach Green & headed off towards Bowness Knott. There is plenty of water coming over the weir
Great Borne
The cloud is down on Pillar
Karen, Andy & Ian
There is a new footbridge over Woundell Beck, it is not open yet but when it is they will remove the concrete road bridge which will further restrict vehicles in the valley We walked to the edge of the Lingmell plantations & then retraced our steps.
Some interesting fungi
We spotted a red squirrel move in one of the trees. It is the first one we have seen at Ennerdale

Thursday, September 23, 2010

La'al Ratty & Stanley Force Falls

This week Karen's parents have been visiting & on Monday we decided to take La'al Ratty from Ravenglass to Dalegarth & have a walk up to Stanley Falls. We arrived at Ravenglass in good time for the 10:30 train Our train is the one to the rear We have our tickets (including the dogs) All set to go It is a bit of a squeeze to get both dogs into one compartment. The weather looks good at the moment to we opt for the open carriage
Crag tries to give Karen a kiss
And then tries it on with Ian!
We are off, Crag isn't bothered by the noise, taking it all in his stride, however Bess is trying to escape under the seat
We chose the 10:30 to enable us to have a steam train
Going through what once was a bridge
The Eskdale fells come into view
The train had quite a few passengers on it
Approaching Dalegath Station
Our engine "Northern Rock" is turned around in preparation for the return
We walk the short distance to Stanley Ghyll
And follow the river up to the first bridge. We surveyed these bridges in March, but because they are so well used they are done every 6 months so we survey them again.
This handrail is slightly damaged & the lower rail missing
This debris was here in March, but when we look where it is resting on the bank it has recently moved. With Autumn & Winter approaching this may need looking at as if the beck floods it potentially could damage the bridge
The other two bridges are fine so we continue on up. There has been so much rain in the past few days there are countless falls along the way
And we reach Stanley Force falls
There is an almost prehistoric / rainforest feel to the area
The second bridge on the walk
Some sunshine breaks through the trees
We head off towards Boot for lunch, we are not surveying this bridge but notice one of the grips on the ramp is broken so pass that information on
We had planned to use the stepping stones here to cross the River Esk here, but not today
We continue upstream to where a bridge crosses the river
After a lovely lunch at The Boot Inn we are back aboard The Northern Rock heading for Ravenglass. This train was a lot busier so we had to take a carriage inside.