Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sunday Lunch At The Perch, Binsey

When we were back in Oxford our last trip out was with Andy's sister & brother-in-law to take Andy's Mum out for lunch. We went to the newly thatched pub The Perch in Binsey, , there is some interesting history data on this website. Binseys fete was on so we had a wander around that afterwards Karen, Andy, Margaret, Fiona & Tom Boats moored in Bossams boatyard. Fiddlers Island
From Margaret's flat we had walked across Port Meadow (which is the Thames flood plain) to reach the pub
It has been so dry in Oxford the grass here is going yellow, the last time we were here there was a lake in the middle of this area
We had a lovely meal & great to see everyone again

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