Thursday, August 05, 2010

Our Garden - July

After a very very wet July an update on where we are in the garden. Firstly we have had two full water butts for the month & haven't had to water the garden once, we fear a repeat of last year where we got so far with some things & then they just rotted due to lack of sun & too much rain. We didn't get any tomatoes last year, our cherry ones are green but will they turn red? The ones in the greenhouse should be safe from the rain & we hope they redden up soon Perhaps we were over-generous with the seeds in this pot, but the pansies are blooming
Our largest show onion is now about 19inches in circumference
We won't get three of a kind from that one but should from the slightly smaller ones
We haven't needed to buy any cucumbers this month & have plenty more coming on
These are Allium which should be late spring early summer, well they came out in July?
Our first crop of peas are nearly over so we harvested over 2kg of them & blanched & froze them so we wont need to buy these for a while
Maybe we will get some corn on the cob this year?
We are getting a bowl of raspberries & strawberries each week
Our runner bean canes suffered in the wind, but even at an angle they seem to be doing well
The beetroot is close to being ready to harvest
We have been eating swedes this month too
One of the many runs of potatoes we have (wont be buying them for a while either)
Our brussels are well ahead of last year too & yes we do need to pull that lettuce out behind them
A lot of netting, some logs & clip ties seem to be keeping the birds away from the fruit
We still have 5 apples on our tree
The wind battered the wildflower box, but we are getting plenty of bees attracted to it

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