Thursday, August 05, 2010

More Footpath Surveys At Waberthwaite

Today we were back at Waberthwaite, we completed three more footpath surveys, we had planned more but it took us that long to get round these. We completed the three we did today 2years ago when we were being trained & we could see that some changes had happened over here since then. The Park have put these new slate steps in here along with a bridge (although we think there should be a handrail as there is a 1m drop on one side) Typical Waberthwaite footpath or is that mudbath conditions
This boardwalk is new at least we didn't have to wade through the bog here like we did 2years ago
Crag testing it out first
The ruins at How End along with some farm equipment ruins
If you look carefully Crag is in there showing us the way through the ferns
We will be glad to finish these as they are all in a bad way, but are so infrequently walked that it probably doesn't matter. Maybe they just get walked every two years by volunteers like us?

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