Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Back Out On The Fells

Today we managed to get back out on the fells to do the second part of the Cat Bells Fix The Fells path re-alignment. As there have been no objections to the path changes we were posting the confirmed notification that the new paths would become the rights of way. Thankfully this time we didn't have to carry posts & the maul up with us, just some spare boards (as we had been warned some may need replacing), a staple gun, hammer, nails & the new notices. To make a change from the last walk we stopped off to do the two at the north end & then drove to the East side of the fell & approached the summit in the opposite direction to the last walk. Looking down on the boathouse in Brandelhow Bay on Derwent Water Nice to see a variety of green trees not just rows of conifers. The weather was forecast to improve during the day, mist down on Skiddaw We have walked down this path three times, but this is our first ascent
Stop for a breather, we can see the board in the distance & this one like the previous two appears to be intact
Higher up & it is misty towards Keswick
We discover after passing Cat Bells summit that the next post & board are completely missing, there is just a hole in the ground where we had erected it. We search both sides of the fell but to no avail, we can't believe whoever removed it carried it back down. We have no posts with us so support the board with some stones, but guess this wont last long either.
The third post is still in, but the board is nowhere to be seen, we have spares so repair this one. The descent to Skellgill bank, we are not going that far as we take the path to the right of the col back to the car.
Another shower passes, looking west to Sail & Causey Pike
A panorama of Cat Bells & the fells to the south-west
It is the Bassenthwaite Sailing Club annual regatta week, bit misting to see but the yachts seem to be lining up for a race, when we passed yesterday there must have been 100 on the lake
We stop for lunch here as it has stopped raining, not bad views
Looking back at Cat Bells & the procession up it continues, even in the rain this place is very busy
Back at the car & we spot how this Silver Birch has literally caused the rock to explode under the pressure of its roots
Job done for the time being, we will be back in 6 weeks to remove the posts if there are any left!

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