Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fix The Fells Path Re-Alignment at Crummock Water

Today we were back at Crummock Water to change to footpath re-alignment signs as we did two weeks ago at Cat Bells. We parked at Buttermere & wondered if we had made a mistake coming over today as it was torrential rain. The forecast however was for showers so we hoped it would soon clear up. We get to Scale Bridge & it has stopped raining Mellbreak doesn't look as impressive from this side as it does from Loweswater.
And towards Buttermere, Robinson & Fleetwith Pike
Near Ruddy Beck
The vibrant berries on a Juniper tree brighten up quite a gloomy day
We reach the first sign & it needs re-assembling, the guilty culprits are most probably sheep as there is wool all over the post
Bess & Crag waiting for a stick to be thrown
At last some sun shining on High Ling Crag & the causeway out to Low Ling Crag
The bridge on Scale Gill was dislodged during the floods last November & yet has to be repaired
And some sun back towards Buttermere
We get closer to the "island", it was to make a great lunch spot on our return
The dogs enjoy the path being closer to the lake
Get our coats out another shower is on the way
We replace all five of the sheep damaged signs & retrace our steps back. Grasmoor looks impressive from over here
As does Rannerdale Knotts
The dogs still want to chase sticks
Our lunch spot
After lunch playtime
In her 11th year, but as keen as ever to play in the water
Crag tends to dive his whole head under water chasing stones & then needs a BIG shake And then drip dries
We discover later this is Crocosmia or Montbretia, native to South Africa but in abundance in the wild here
We timed our lunch perfectly as yet another heavy shower descended on us. They were only about 5minutes long & within a couple minutes of stopping the sun was back out, April showers in August? Lastly a few shots from the work party last week at Ennerdale, the Smithy Beck falls
The dogs in the beck below the bridge
We were in an area of Ennerdale we had not walked before, views of the lake over a deforested area.
The bare top of Bowness Knott
We also were at Ennerdale yesterday clearing a footpath near the Scout camp, but no great views or pictures from there.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Bess's 10th Birthday

Today is Bess's 10th birthday & we decided to have a party!! Well we made her a cake from minced beef & veg filled with streaky bacon & chicken with peanut butter topping & Bakers rewards as candles It might not make masterchef but someone seemed to like it
Benny bought Shadow round & she seemed happy with the cake
Along with Crag
And the birthday girl
And she got a handmade card
Happy Birthday BESS.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Our Garden - July

After a very very wet July an update on where we are in the garden. Firstly we have had two full water butts for the month & haven't had to water the garden once, we fear a repeat of last year where we got so far with some things & then they just rotted due to lack of sun & too much rain. We didn't get any tomatoes last year, our cherry ones are green but will they turn red? The ones in the greenhouse should be safe from the rain & we hope they redden up soon Perhaps we were over-generous with the seeds in this pot, but the pansies are blooming
Our largest show onion is now about 19inches in circumference
We won't get three of a kind from that one but should from the slightly smaller ones
We haven't needed to buy any cucumbers this month & have plenty more coming on
These are Allium which should be late spring early summer, well they came out in July?
Our first crop of peas are nearly over so we harvested over 2kg of them & blanched & froze them so we wont need to buy these for a while
Maybe we will get some corn on the cob this year?
We are getting a bowl of raspberries & strawberries each week
Our runner bean canes suffered in the wind, but even at an angle they seem to be doing well
The beetroot is close to being ready to harvest
We have been eating swedes this month too
One of the many runs of potatoes we have (wont be buying them for a while either)
Our brussels are well ahead of last year too & yes we do need to pull that lettuce out behind them
A lot of netting, some logs & clip ties seem to be keeping the birds away from the fruit
We still have 5 apples on our tree
The wind battered the wildflower box, but we are getting plenty of bees attracted to it