Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Weekend With Julie & Paul

On Thursday Julie & Paul travelled up to spend a few days with us. It was Pauls first trip to the Lake District & Julie hadn't been up since we got married. Having talked about the drought on previous posts we are far from that now with over a week of pretty wet days & nights. We had planned to go to Cock Rock on Saturday, but with them not doing day tickets this year decided we would have two walking days instead. On Friday we travelled over to Ennerdale Water for a walk (or wade) around the lake. Loads of water coming off Ben Gill. Paul, Julie & Andy on Anglers Crag And the descent
I am sure they didn't believe us that a couple of weeks ago this path would have been completely dry
Every beck was in spate & interesting to cross
We hadn't heard the winds the previous night but apparently they got very high around 4am & as a result two trees were down on the road to Bleach Green & this large branch had come down too.
Looking up you can see where it came from
We decide to extend the walk to Moss Dub but when we went to cross Woundell Beck it was flooding over the bridge & not knowing if the levels were still rising we decided not to risk it.
It was lapping at the sides on Irish Bridge too
The Liza is flowing very fast
We take a short detour to look at the waterfalls on Smithy Beck
Then back down through the trees to the forest track
Another flooded section of path to contend with
And this tree down across the path
Throwing stones for the dogs
Plenty of water coming over the weir
Yesterday it rained in the morning but seemed to be clearing up at lunchtime so we headed over to Dent.
It is a few months since we have walked this & they have cleared all the trees on one side of the track opening the views right up.
Paul & Julie on top of Dent
We then retrace our steps before turning to go down into Nannycatch
The higher summits are in mist, but not too bad views
Then through the valley
Raven Crag
They have laid a new path here too & dug the beck out to stop it flooding the area
Looking back up the valley with Lank Rigg in the distance
And looking across at the log stacks & the path we walked up on
We had a brilliant time with them & hope to see them back up here again soon

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