Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Today we decided to travel again to Waberthwaite to knock off a few more surveys. We were told we were doing these in April, but due to staff sickness in the Park we didn't receive them until twelve days ago & they are due by the end of July (although we have been given some leeway on this). It was announced today that hosepipe bans we to start in the North West from Friday following the lack of rain we have had up here this year. We are excluded from this at the moment but Keswick (near the "wettest" place in England Seathwaite) isn't as the problem seems to be Thirlmere & we are fed by underground boreholes which are OK at the moment. The ban extends below Manchester to Crewe
It was a grey day, we had some rain last night & the clouds were still low over the fells. This is ideal for doing these paths as we have learnt we cannot wear shorts due to how many are overgrown.
We walked a bit of this path a month ago when doing some bridge surveys & are sure this sign wasn't there then. It does however advise if the high tide is over 7.2m, two hours either side of high tide the path is likely to be flooded & gives the tide times & heights.
Entering the hamlet of Hall Waberthwaite which has about half a dozen houses & a church
Like yesterday we had a tidal ford crossing the River Esk to examine
Crag braved the first section but we could see to the parish boundary & decided that was far enough
A train crossing Eskmeals Viaduct where we had lunch yesterday
We have done 14/29 of the surveys & will endeavour to clear them as quickly as possible

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