Monday, June 21, 2010

The Welsh 4x 1000m Peak Race

A couple of weeks ago we had a weekend with friends in Wales for 4 of us to compete in the annual Welsh 4x1000m peaks race.
We camp at probably the worse campsite in the world at Nant Peris, but it is convenient for the race. On Friday afternoon Mountain Rescue were training on the mountains above the campsite
About the only thing the campsite is good for is the views, looking up from the tent to Elidir Fawr
And in the other direction part of the Snowdon range with Crib Goch in the distance
And the Glyders too
And some man-made mountains of the slag heaps at the quarry. This also gives an idea of how often they cut the grass here
It was a lovely evening, Crib Goch again as the sun is setting
Looking towards the setting sun
Unfortunately with the setting sun comes the midges, Barry trying to protect himself
The next morning dawned early for us (6am!!!!) as we had a twenty minute drive to the start of the race & we were starting at 7:30
We take the early start with all the military entrants
The army are called over for a kit check
We register & this year are given these electronic tags that you must insert into a machine at each checkpoint to prove you have followed the route
The four of us Peter, Terry, Barry & Karen waiting for the start
Still waiting as we get a briefing before we go
And we are off
This is like no other long distance walk we have done as you start at sea level & have to climb the four mountains above 1000m in Snowdonia. This is tough & kit must be kept to a minimum. A real shame as the views were stunning from the tops. This taken on the mobile is looking across to Snowdon with a little cloud just below the summit.
The first seven miles of the route is to climb the first mountain Llewellyn & after over 2hours the summit eventually comes into view even if it is still a long way away. Some snow still lying up here too. Peter Douglas took this picture of Karen just before the descent to Ogwen Andy is waiting at Ogwen at the checkpoint, Karen is just registering her time, but where are the lads?
Karen was 1hour 15mins ahead of the cut-off at Ogwen but it was so hot out there that Karen decided to call it a day here after 13miles & 2 of the peaks completed. There was little water at the checkpoint & the next section would take about 2hours before the next water stop. Also because it was a competition there were dress rules & you had to wear trousers not shorts.
This is the elevation profile from Karen's GPS.
And the speed profile, the speed at the end was Karen running the last mile or so to catch up with and overtake the lads, a small victory to reach the checkpoint before them even if she was retiring.
Click to enlarge: The results given Karen's time at Ogwen as 1 minute ahead of the lads The route
The red flags are the checkpoints
The lads continued on, Barry & Terry did finish, Peter made it most the way up Snowdon before having to retire with cramp.
Back at the tent Crag decides to have a mad moment And then its time for playing, however he is soon tired and starts taking the ball back to the tent
Time for a sleep
Guarding the ball

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