Monday, June 07, 2010

Path Building Near Moss Dub, Ennerdale

Last Wednesday & Thursday we were at Ennerdale with Malcolm from the Forestry Commission building a new path by the river Liza after the old one was washed away in Novembers floods. We were working on Wednesday reasonably unaware of the horrific events unfolding a few miles away from us. We had received a few text messages, but the true extent of the devastation was not known to us until we returned home. We were also very lucky Ennerdale wasn't the valley he turned to rather than Eskdale. It was a beautiful day, it had been so dry here for weeks that very little water was trickling along the Liza today
Looking across to Starling Dodd
And over to Red Pike
The path had been previously dug out
We just had to lay it with gravel
Ferns bursting into life
Malcolm brings the gravel down in the motorised wheelbarrow
We then rake the gravel smooth & this section is now complete
We have mentioned before how the Liza changes course regularly after heavy rains & this area is where the original footpath was, you can see the river bed is grassy
Good for a cool off
Andy waiting for the next barrow of gravel to arrive
Looking up the valley to Crag Fell & Anglers Crag
Karen raking the path flat
Crag resting in the shade
And at the end of Wednesday we had completed about 2/3rds of the path
On Thursday we had a more difficult job as the path was inaccessible to the motorised barrow so we had to wheelbarrow the gravel in by hand (down a steep slope)
The next job is to build a bridge
Over this rather dry beck
By Thursday lunchtime this last section was complete

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