Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Our Garden - May

Just a few pictures of our garden from the end of May: The peas are starting to flower & climb up the wire We are feeding all our friends on salad as we have so much The brussels are looking really healthy, hopefully we will get more than one meal from them this year So are the potatoes
We lost the runner beans to the frost at the beginning of the month, but we had some in the coldframe which we have planted out
Beetroot & Swede (thanks to Benny), tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers
Garlic & the one surviving courgette
In the greenhouse the onions are looking good
As to are the cucumbers & tomatoes in there
Red & white onions from the sets
Our nice & neat log store, replenished for next year
We have sweet peas grown from seed in one of the hanging baskets
And cherry tomatoes in the other
These are wildflower seeds which are supposed to attract bees when they flower
And lastly the rhododendron is in bloom

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