Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Footpath Clearance by the River Liza

Today we were back at Ennerdale helping to clear a footpath along the Liza which had got a bit overgrown. As last week Karen walked the dogs to the area we were walking & clearing. We had our first rain for ages yesterday & at last there is a little more water flowing down the Liza The rain had stopped this morning & it was forecast to improve as the day went on We walk past where we put the bridge in last week (still no water in the beck though!)
Someone has gone to some effort building this shelter, it wasn't there last week
Andy & Malcolm had gone to one end of the path & Bernie & Dave to the other end & we were to meet in the middle.
We had to keep a good eye on the dogs as Malcolm was using this sickle to cut the ferns back
Karen using the loppers, it wasn't cold, but there were so many midges she had to cover up.
Malcolm attacking a tree that was hanging over the path
These mushrooms look good enough to eat (but we didn't)
We think this is a Dark Green Fritillary (it has a green hue on its underside)
We meet up with the others & head for Pillar bridge for lunch
Bess after Karen's crisps
Once the food is eaten - playtime
The day turned out to be a lovely sunny one. Looking down the Liza with Great Borne & Starling Dodd in the distance
We then walked along the forest track back to our car at Bowness Knott

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