Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brash Clearance At Mireside, Ennerdale

Today we were on our monthly Wild Ennerdale work party. We were joined by 5 other volunteers, Malcolm from the Forestry Commission, Rachael from the National Trust & Judith Weston who farms at Mireside. Our job today was to tidy up the brash & logs that had been cleared by the National Trust previously. The field will used to graze ponies once the work has been completed.
It is not a small task, the brash extends to the tree line in the distance.
Andy & Bess by a pile we have started.
There is so much to clear, it may get burnt or just left to rot down
In the field there are Common Spotted-Orchids
Looking across to Crag Fell & Anglers Crag
The next field is wetter & fenced off as part of scheme to re-introduce Marsh Fritillary butterflies as it is ideal conditions for them. 8,000 larvae were released in April so after lunch we went to see if we could spot any.
More Common Spotted-Orchids
And some Marsh Fritillary butterflies
After lunch Judith brings her dog Josh along too
We have cleared most of the field
Looking towards Bowness Knott
Andy adding a small tree to the pile
Plenty of firewood too for Judith

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