Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ennerdale Work Party

Today we were at Ennerdale helping on our monthly work party with Wild Ennerdale. Todays jobs were to re-lay some path, pruning along the path & making two benches. The weather was lovely & the valley looked beautiful Mark has his dog Nell with him so Crag had someone to play with. Crag Fell & Anglers Crag Herdus & Bowness Knott
Pillar through the trees
We set about the path repair, it was hard work shovelling gravel from nearby to where we wanted to build the path up
Andy raking it flat, this end of the bridge has yet to be done
The end result, the gravel was wet when we laid it but when dry will be the same colour as the surrounding path
The motorised wheelbarrow helped us with then gravel for here
Andy testing one of the new benches, the wood used is from some Oak trees that had been removed from another part of the Park
And Karen sat on the other one, both spots give great views down the lake so we are guessing they will be well used.

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