Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Walk To Clints Quarry

On Friday in the sunshine we went for a walk with Benny & his dog Shaddow to Clints Quarry Some snow left on the fells after Wednesdays showers Dropping down into the quarry
Bess as always the first to find some water
A very large ravens nest, the bird flew out just before we got there
Walking along the floor of the quarry
One of the many pools in the bottom
Posing for the camera again
Then the climb back out to the road
One of the signs they put in on the cycle path last year
Then across the fields back to Longlands
All three dogs keen to chase after the stick
In the river Ehen as we walk back
You can see the debris on the fence, that is how high the river got in the floods last November

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