Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Bridge Surveys in Eskdale

Today we were back in Eskdale surveying two more bridges. We were familiar with the first having walked the route often. Not the greatest weather, low cloud on Bowfell in the distance. The lambs very young here Following the River Esk up the valley So little water coming off it today
The first bridge (Lingcove Bridge) comes into view
We knew there was some damage to this as we had reported it to the Ranger in March before we knew we would be surveying it.
Some of the stone abutment has been dislodged
Strange stalactites hanging from the soffit
Heron Crag
We managed to cross the river to get over to the other path (otherwise we would have had to walk back to Brotherilkeld), we came across this clump of Primroses
The other bridge was on Scale Gill, which had a nice waterfall as a backdrop
Scale Bridge
The waterfall from down at the beck
Looking down on the Esk valley through the bridge
We just have the bridge (if it exists) at Sineytarn Moss to do & that is Eskdale completed for bridge surveys.

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