Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Northern Fells - DONE

Yesterdays weather promised to be as good as Wednesdays so we headed over to near Orthwaite to complete our last Northern Wainwright Fell - Great Calva. From where we parked you could just see the end of Bassenthwaite with Sale Fell behind. Ullock Pike
The summit of Great Calva is behind the fell to the right (Little Calva)
We follow the Cumbria Way until we reach the top of Whitewater Dash Falls
Looking back down the valley, the path we have come up is to the left
The top of Whitewater Dash Falls
We then leave the Cumbria Way & follow this fence to the summit. There is no official route on the map, but following the fence seemed the best idea & from the tracks we weren't the first to do this.
It is a very steep ascent on a very narrow path, not helped by Crag trying to bring an old fence post with him! Looking across the valley to Bakestall. When we climbed that two years ago we had taken the same route upto the falls.
Crag offering words of encouragement to Andy
Nearly at the top of the bank, the path we came up on looks a long way down.
Hey this is a bonus the path is covered in snow (well the path was to the right but Karen insisted it went through the snow)
And the dogs backed her up
Who forgot to pack the Yaktrax's
To our delight the snow carried on up
Karen playing whilst walking through the snow!
The dogs having fun chasing snowballs
Skiddaw just out of the mist
Little Calva summit cairn with Great Calva in the distance
We spotted a couple of Grouse, this the male
Still looks a long way to the summit
We get there Great Calva (690m)
The summit picture
This is the view from the summit towards Thirlmere in the distance
We have shown this before, but evidence of Peat cultivation
Andy on the horizon with Lonscale Fell in the background
Bess spotted the camera, but before that they were both taking a rest in the heather
Like this
Lonscale Fell & Skiddaw Hause
Walking back to the top of Whitewater Dash Falls you can see the steep ascent we had
Even more so from our lunch spot
The dogs however happy to play in & around Dash Beck
The Northern Fells completed we now nee to move East or South to bag some more.

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