Friday, April 09, 2010

Knott Rigg & Ard Crags (but it was not)

On Friday we set off to Buttermere to climb a couple of new fells that we had first attempted in February, but were turned back by snow & again a few weeks ago when Andy pulled a muscle in his shoulder, but last Friday we got over there. The weather was forecast to improve as the day went on so we set off in the cloud, but hoped it would improve. Looking across at Moss Force which due to the walk not being that long would be our lunch-spot. Snow on Wandope
Looking down Newlands Valley towards Blencathra
And across to Great Borne (which we class as an Ennerdale fell) from the Buttermere side
Red Pike (one of Ennerdales too)
Crag Hill & Sail (part of the Grisedale Horseshoe)
Although it was mild we weren't convinced about the weather, the cloud is stuck in Ennerdale, Great Gable is barely visible
The route on up, it was a bit of a cheat as we parked the car at 333m
Probably our last snow of the winter but the dogs (& Karen) enjoyed it
Yep last snow shot of the season
Come on you two!!, Bess was stood there seconds before
A quick play in the snow Then on to the summit of Knott Rigg with Sail in the background
Just reading what Wainwight has to say about it
Oops the camera took a slip for the summit picture of Knott Rigg (556m), we were at the top honest
Then a short descent before an even shorter climb to Ard Crags
Another patch of untouched snow you can see how the rain & subsequent cold has rippled this
Scar Crags & Causey Pike
Looking towards the summit of Ard Crags
A couple we had spoken to at Knott Rigg were ahead of us
Ard Crags summit (581m) it was only about a 40m drop so not very ard from Knott Rigg
Oh yes snow on the way down too
Newlands Valley
Probably the last snow video of this year
Looking back down
Looking back up at Knott Rigg as we approach the car
We then crossed the road to take a closer look at Moss Force
Down Newlands Valley
Moss Force
Knott Rigg again
Waiting for lunch, something better than a yogurt sandwich for us.......... (eh Joyce)
A poser by the falls
Only four or so miles, but a great walk & we only have 70 Wainwrights to go (apart from Castle Crag the lowest one (which will be our last) we have now completed the North Western Fells book)

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