Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bowscale Fell & Souther Fell

Today was again forecast to be nice & with no pressing National Park work decided to head over to Mungrisdale to complete two more Wainwright Fells.
The first fell is behind this mound (The Tongue), our route was to skirt its left hand side before climbing up behind it.
Looking back towards Mungrisdale as we make our way around The Tongue
Looking towards Bannerdale Crags
We now have the steep climb up the bank. The weather had been forecast to be sunny this morning with cloud coming in later. It hadn't been very sunny upto this point so we still had fleeces & trousers on, but decided now was the time to change down to shorts & lose the fleeces (think Crag is fly catching!)
However it starts to look rather dark as we climb up
But the clouds quickly start to disperse & Blencathra comes into view over Bannerdale Crags
We were really surprised to still see snow up here, the black dot in the larger patch is zoomed in on in the next picture.
Yes Crag has run all the way over there to play in it, the marks behind him are where he was sliding down & having great fun
At the snowline we cut off to the right to reach Bowscale Fell (702m), still warm enough for shorts & t-shirts (just!!). Wainwright describes this route as "the easiest route to any summit in Lakeland over 2000ft". It was nearly 500m of ascent but AW was right it didn't feel that hard.
We retraced our steps, but instead of heading back to the snow headed for the col between Bannerdale Crags & Blencathra
Zooming in on Sharp Edge, you can see walkers heading up
Looking down the valley where we would walk to the start of the climb up Souther Fell
Two groups of two on Sharp Edge
A popular route up Blencathra along this ridge, most of the other walkers we saw in the valley we heading up that way.
Sharp Edge as we come further down the valley
Wainwright draws the bridges on River Glenderamackin & although todays bridge looks identical it is obviously newer, we think the bridge he drew maybe at the bottom of the picture
Wainwright also devotes a page to the River Glenderamackin & how remarkable the course of it was to become a Lakeland River rather than flow into the Eden Valley. The source is at the upper left hand cross & to get to the second cross it has a very convoluted route around Souther Fell. He finishes the piece "An ambition has been realised, but so nearly wasn't!" A mucky pup starting to look a little tired
Great views of Sharp Edge & Blencathra as we start to climb up Souther Fell
You can just see the bridge we were at in the bottom left hand corner
Across the valley to Bowscale Fell
A panorama
Souther Fell (522m)
Blencathra & Bannerdale Crags
Looking down on Mungrisdale where we started
Even the dogs looking down & enjoying the view
The weather was good to us & actually got better as the day went on, a great walk & only one Northern Fell left to complete.

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