Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Andy meets Julia Bradbury

We were asked a couple of weeks ago if we would do some filming with the BBC's Countryfile programme about our volunteer work with Wild Ennerdale. So after a sleepless night for one of us we met at the car park at Bowness Knott at 9 this morning. It was a very wet morning so the plan changed and we were then to go over and film at Crag Fell where we had done some planting a few weeks ago. Andy thought the start of Julia's number plate was very appropriate!! The film crew with Julia and Matt Baker did some opening shots by the lake, Andy at that point was worried about which presenter we would be with.
All Crag wanted was a stick thrown, for anyone who knows him yes he did get a sniff later!! Julia did throw some sticks for him later.
Just leaving Bowness Knott for Crag Fell and Julia was to be with us.
Setting up the camera's before we all walked up.
We are waiting to be called up.
Gareth with Julia and the director Fiona doing a rehearsal.
Filming starts.
A clip of the filming, Julia asked Andy to be in the background and plant some trees.
Karen being interviewed.
Karen Julia & Andy, thanks to Gareth for taking the piccies although after the third shot Julia said her teeth were getting cold.
Filming the closing shots, they had to do a retake of this as Crag who is off camera was making so much noise with a stick. Julia did try to get him in the closing shot but he wouldnt sit still.
John Bernie & Julia.
Liz & Julia.
What a lovely lady she was, so natural and friendly. The programme goes out on Sunday 18th April and we understand we are the opening article of the show.

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Anne&Ian said...

Now this dream of Andy's has come true get him dreaming about winning the Lottery.

We'll make sure we set the recorder for that day. Can you get us a discount on our TV licence now?

A and I