Thursday, March 11, 2010

Car Park Clearance At Bleach Green

For the past week we have been helping the Forestry Commission to tidy up & open up the car park at Bleach Green, Ennerdale. The first couple of days were spent removing the deer fence around the car park which firstly involved removing all the old staples. We took Crag as we were going to be out all day, he was quite happy playing with sticks It has been so dry up here, very little water coming off of Ben Gill
Last Wednesday there was still quite a lot of snow on the fells
Karen getting stuck in
It took us quite a few hours to get every staple off this section
Then in minutes with the help of the Land Rover Malcolm rips the wire off.
On Monday we took both dogs & Karen took them for a walk along the western shore of Ennerdale
Pillar through the trees
The swans are still on the lake
By Tuesday the car park looks noticeably different
One of the many piles of Alder & Ash that will make its way to our fire, the volunteers who helped got first pick of the wood
In the afternoon Karen took Crag for a walk around the lake, his smile says 1,000 words
A panorama from Anglers crag
Still a lot of ice on the sheltered south side of the lake
Timber!!! - Rob removes another tree Our job yesterday & Tuesday was mainly to clear the brushwood into the trailer, then it was dumped over on Crag Fell
Lastly we saw this strange sight in the sky, it is like a small rainbow we think it is a circumhorizontal arc, they appeared in two different places in the sky
We have a couple of days off now, but will be back helping again on Monday.

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Anne&Ian said...

My elderly "Meteorology For Mariners" publ. 1958 describes this as a 'Corona' or 'Aureole'. Distinguished from the similar 'Halo' or 'Circumzenithal Arc' by having the red tinge on the outer edge, whereas everyone knows a 'Halo' has the red inside.
An elderly mariner.