Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Walk To Longlands & Beyond

Yesterday we decided to walk the dogs over to Longlands, we have had more snow again here & it did snow on us whilst we were walking. When we got to Longlands quite a bit of it was frozen with fresh snowfall on the ice. Crag saying hi to the swans.
Longlands lake with Dent in the background
We decided to follow the river along towards Egremont, we realised this is the first time we have walked this since the floods. The power of the water has ripped this metal gate out of the ground.
And snapped this sleeper, which was part of the same gate & bridge
Back at Longlands and walking around the lake
Two panorama's
Looking across the lake towards Clints Quarry
A chilly but good leg stretch & we wake up today to another couple of inches of snow so no footpath surveys today, the thaw is forecast from tomorrow?

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