Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Last Footpath Survey at Whicham

Yesterday we were able to complete the last footpath survey at Whicham, it was the third route up White Combe. The snow has all cleared from the lower ground. That is White Combe in the distance with a few patches of snow on it. It was a grey day not the gorgeous winter sunshine & snow that we had earlier in the month. We started from the base of the green topped mound to the right of centre
At last we find a small pocket of snow
As we climb Black Combe starts to appear over the ridge-line
The summit plateau of White Combe
Corney Fell through the haze
Not really a very photogenic day, but we are pleased to get all the surveys done in good time for our end of Feb deadline, Wild Ennerdale tomorrow but there isn't much going on with the National Park at the moment so we have contacted a few rangers to see if they have any surveys or jobs on we can help with.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Walk To Longlands & Beyond

Yesterday we decided to walk the dogs over to Longlands, we have had more snow again here & it did snow on us whilst we were walking. When we got to Longlands quite a bit of it was frozen with fresh snowfall on the ice. Crag saying hi to the swans.
Longlands lake with Dent in the background
We decided to follow the river along towards Egremont, we realised this is the first time we have walked this since the floods. The power of the water has ripped this metal gate out of the ground.
And snapped this sleeper, which was part of the same gate & bridge
Back at Longlands and walking around the lake
Two panorama's
Looking across the lake towards Clints Quarry
A chilly but good leg stretch & we wake up today to another couple of inches of snow so no footpath surveys today, the thaw is forecast from tomorrow?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

White Combe

Yesterday with the promise of sunshine & the knowledge there was a lot of snow on the fells we set off to do another two footpath surveys. The location meant that once we had got out of Threaplands we were on main roads & these were in the main completely clear of ice. We parked just off the A595 at Beckside where we started our ascent. White Combe is the snow capped peak in the distance. Before long the path had a covering of snow
Bess is in her element in snow & Crag soon discovered how much fun it was
Soon we are definitely walking in snow
A two photo panorama of the view Whitecombe Screes
We were surprised at the number of footprints in the snow, we certainly weren't the first up this route since the snows
Now I know we can't really see the footpath, but the main survey issues are around the furniture (gates, stiles etc) honest.
Crag standing to attention
Bess too
A short clip of Andy kicking snowballs for Crag to chase (his game) & kicking the snow for Bess to catch (her game) A beautiful day & beautiful scenery
That is Crag down there, he has chased all that way after a snowball and it was very steep, after the third time he had ran up & down he realised it was hard work!
The final push to the summit
Up level with Whitecombe screes now
How barren & snowy
It took a while to find the summit cairn as it was only about a foot tall & covered in snow
A panorama of the view from it, looking towards the Coniston Fells
And in the other direction to Black Combe
Zooming in on the Coniston range
Corney Fell, no wonder the road across it is closed at the moment
Showing off the Yaktraxs that were invaluable in keeping us on our feet in the ice at the bottom
Looking back at the summit as we start to descend the second footpath (sorry about the shadow in so many of the pictures, but the sun was so low)
Towards the Coniston fells
White Hall Knott, we go round rather than over this
A fab walk, the snow just making it, footpath surveys don't get any better than this & we won the quiz in The Crown later, a perfect day!
PS Leeds beat Man U 1-0 awesome what a day