Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Snowy Pictures

Last week we also managed a walk on the line towards Ennerdale after some fresh snow had fallen. Dent from our bedroom window. And the Ennerdale fells also from the window
And from the line
Packed snow underfoot made it not too slippy
Dent from a bit closer
A frozen pond in the field
Great Borne to High Stile in the sunshine
No problems with getting Bess out when there is snow to play in
And of course a stick for Crag
Brrrr rather cold to be living outside though
Our shadows are long in the low sunlight
The Ennerdale fells
Zooming in on Starling Dodd, Red Pike & High Stile
And Crag Fell
A quiet & snowy line
Anne getting the best vantage point for a photo
Our Christmas tree
Thanks to Anne for the following:
Ian, Karen & Andy
Crags new spot, he has taken to watching the world from the window sill, being warmed by the radiator


David & Adrian said...

I love Crags new seat ! Does he think he's a cat ? It beats Charlies use of a footstool.

Anne&Ian said...

Thank you all for a lovely white Christmas, and for the loan of your 'Yaktrax' which made all the difference when "walking the line".
We thought we saw Johnny Cash in Cleator Moor Co-op.
Anne and Ian