Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let It Snow

Karen's parents were due to travel up to us on Sunday for Christmas, but it was forecast to snow Saturday night so they were persuaded to travel up a day early. The forecasters were right & this was the garden Sunday morning, this is the biggest snowfall we have had in the four winters we have lived here. And out the front And on Crag, who was completely unfazed by the change in conditions in the garden, its the first time he has had snow here Snow on his nose
We went for a walk down the line
An action photo of Bess catching a snowball
And Crag too
Back in the garden Crag made this snowball, we think he was playing with a stick & covered it in snow
Looks like more could fall as these threatening black clouds loom
Yesterday we walked to Longlands, Dent covered with snow
Looking towards Great Borne, Ennerdale
Cleator cricket club
Despite the snow the River Ehen is appealing to Bess!

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drerosie said...

Great pictures glad I am not there but it is lovely to see snow and be in 30 degree heat. hope you both and family have a great Xmas and New year. Speak to you in the New Year. Love linda and billy.