Monday, December 14, 2009

Fishing Near Seascale

On Friday our friend Benny had put his fishing nets out on the beach & we joined him at low water on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day, very still & lovely & sunny. Looking north with St Bees Head in the distance The beach is mostly sandy but there are a few areas with small rock pools Funny tasting water says Crag, Bess came with us but has been scared by the firing at Drigg before & as soon as she got on the beach she decided enough was enough & ran back to the car. We know they don't do it on a Saturday, but she was adamant she wasn't coming with us. We had a reasonable walk to get over to Benny his tractor is the dot in the distance in the centre of the picture.
From the low water mark you get a good view of the Wasdale fells
Bennys antique tractor
Andy picking up the ball for Crag, he didn't stop chasing it for the 2hours we were out.
A panorama of the fells
A couple of the cod that were caught (they weren't that orange its the box!)
And a big skate
Ripples in the sand
Reflections in a pool
Looking back at Seascale with Sellafield just showing on the left.
The sun was setting as we walked back.
Its a huge beach and the tide goes out someway.
Back at the car and some people walking on the beach.

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