Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Couple Of Circular Lake Walks

This week yet again the weather has been forecast to not be very good & indeed it hasn't been, as I write here is the forecast for 12pm, 3pm & 6pm tomorrow
Monday was forecast to be showers so we braved a trip to Ennerdale & a walk around the lake. You can see how much rain we have had by the quantity of water coming over the weir
Bess got scared by someone setting some fireworks off on Friday when we walked her in Cleator Moor, we believed we should be safe here. She is lying in her usual position in the lake here, whilst if you zoom in Crag is chasing the waves in the distance. They are happy & enjoying themselves.
Looking up to the pinnacles on Crag Fell which we climbed down to earlier this year from the summit.
The clouds are off the tops, maybe we will be lucky?
Looking back at the cliffs on Anglers Crag
Before we start the short scramble
The highest point of the route round the lake & a classic view.
Looking back as we start our descent
We thought there was a "one way system" in the Lake District valleys, in Ennerdale planes should enter from the west, but this one came in low from the East
Back down closer to the lake on a surface that resembled a stream more than a path.
The lake & surround all very grey today
Crag poses with his usual one ear up, one down.
And we leave the stream to walk on some welcome dryish grass
And from the eastern end looking west
Lovely autumnal colours in the trees now
Bess in the river Liza
No I DON'T want my photo taken
OK if you insist
I'll jump if you jump.....
The path was a bit flooded on this side too
Bess has realised Andy has some food, Crag more interested in carrying a stick
Or maybe the stick can wait
We got back to the car in the dry & just as we were leaving the car park it began to rain.
Today however we were not so lucky when we walked around Cogra Moss. We left the car in the dry although the cloud was down very low. Blake Fell is somewhere out there.
Another weir with plenty of water
We are not going to get many pictures today
The view from the eastern end looking down on the lake
A little rain didn't dampen their enthusiasm though
The rain then got heavier & heavier so no more pictures, we made it back to the car just as the blue skies started to appear from the west & it stopped raining about 100yards from home!

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