Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Week Down South

Last week we were back down south visiting family and friends. Our first stop was in Redditch to stay with Andy's daughter Jessica & her fiance Dan. We took the dogs for a walk in the nearby Rough Hill Wood A bench carved into the shape of a man The next day we travelled to Oxford to stay with Andy's mum, we went for a walk on Port Meadow which was a bit drier than when we were last there in February
An old college boathouse
A disused railway turntable
Walking back to Margaret's flat on the canal towpath
A rather brave cat taunts the dogs
We spent an afternoon at Julies where Abbie & Kieran showed us their skills on the trampoline
We then had a game of baseball
Nearly Bess...
Kieran having a wrestle with Crag.
The next day we met up with Lisa, Stuart & their dog Katie for a walk along the Thames
We walked from Eynsham Toll Bridge to the Trout at Wolvercote, where we saw the damage to Godstow bridge caused by a hit & run motorist the week before
Back at their house Crag was fascinated by Stuarts fish
Or last walk of the week was from Worminghall to Ickford (where Karen once lived in the house in the centre of the picture)
Ickford Church

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