Friday, August 07, 2009

Visitor Surveys at Ennerdale

On Wednesday we were back volunteering at Ennerdale this time doing visitor surveys for Wild Ennerdale We could just stand in one place or go for a walk so decided to walk round the lake & do the surveys as we went. We started from Bleach Green & walked anti-clockwise, this is as we started looking at the colours on Anglers Crag. Bowness Knott with Herdus behind The only real climb is short & sharp over Anglers Crag To a classic viewpoint of the Ennerdale fells
The dogs enjoyed playing in the water, Crag is trying to pull a small tree out.
We were treated to a couple of RAF fly-pasts, there is a Eurojet fighter plane in the picture if you look hard enough
We think that is a Cormorant on the rock
The berries bring colour to the lakeshore
Crag still isn't the water-dog Bess is
Worn out, sitting in the shade making sure Bess doesn't get the stick
Near Irish bridge they were busy shearing the sheep
One that has been done
The Galloway cattle had managed to "escape" from the forest & were on the road, Crag decided to say hello!
Bowness Knott & Pillar
And over to Crag Fell where we started
Plenty of water coming over the weir
We completed the surveys & had a lovely walk thrown in too, for once in the sunshine.

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