Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patrol to Buttermere

This picture was taken yesterday, this pond only ever has water in it during the winter but West Cumbria had half of its normal rainfall for August on Sunday !! We didn't venture out.
Today was forecast to be much better so we headed for Buttermere to do some more patrols for the Park.
We normally go anti clockwise round the lake but today we did it clockwise.
This is Sourmilk Gill which is fed from Bleaberry Tarn below Red Pike, quite a lot of water coming off.
The dogs having fun.
"Last one, big one"
Looking over the lake to Comb Beck which was to be our lunch spot.
Back down the lake.
High Stile and just visible Red Pike.
Never seen pink sheep before, cute huh!!
High Snockrigg and Buttermere Moss.
Robinson on the right.
Fleetwith Pike looking glorious at the other end of the lake.
Lunch spot at Comb Beck, Joyce eat your heart out.
Would you expect anything else from Bess.
Crag playing 'jacks'.
It was a wonderful spot for lunch and the weather got better as the day went on.
This tree was covered in fungi.
Probably not recommended eating.
The North East side of the lake with Robinson in the middle.
Probably not used much now, the route of the stream changed after a storm last October.
Sourmilk Gill in full flow.
These sheep were on the track, Bess isn't chasing them but they got out of her way.
Another parish completed for the park, we have to travel to Eastern lakes to do some more.

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