Sunday, August 23, 2009

Linda's 60th Birthday

Last Wednesday our friend Linda turned 60 & yesterday the girls were going out for a meal to celebrate. Linda believed we were just going by taxi to The Howgate (a local pub) for lunch, however we had a number of surprises in store for her. The organising committee, Karen, Joyce, Lesley & Dawn Hidden in the other room was the first surprise, Louisa, Mona & Kirstie were also coming along. A toast before we left The birthday girl
Louisa had restored this photo of Linda from when she was 18.
At 1pm the next surprise, a bubblegum pink stretch limo to take us to The Howgate
Linda's face a picture when she sees it
Kirstie, Louisa, Dawn, Leslie, Joyce, Linda, Karen & Mona
Bubbly in the car & Linda hasn't noticed we are not heading for The Howgate
Our first stop is for a drink at The Castle Inn on Bassenthwaite Lake, these two bikers happy to stop for a pose
A quick half
Looking towards the lake
Then a short drive to our destination the 11th Century, Four Star Armathwaite Hall where we were going to have afternoon tea.
Whilst we were waiting Joyce decided a race up the stairs was called for!
Afternoon tea is served
After a delicious tea we went to look at the grounds, this is the front
And the back
Linda admiring the view
Looking across the lawn to Bassenthwaite Lake
Linda carrying the doggy bags!
And back into the car
From one of the classiest places in the area to one of the worse, for a laugh we stopped off at The Commercial in Cleator Moor for a drink.
We had a pint in Moffats & then drove back to The Robin Hood where Andy had been busy decorating it.
The next surprise the birthday cake, Linda is Australian so we went for a pink Australia shaped cake!
The candles were originally on the 6 major cities, but Linda moved them all to Perth as that is where she is from!
Billy, Billy snr & Linda
Linda also enjoys a round of golf
Linda & Billy dancing
Billy & Joyce dancing
Dawn & her mum
Linda dancing the night away with Fiona We had a fabulous day, it had been months in the planning, but we kept it a secret from Linda. Happy Birthday Linda
Lastly from our amateur photography to a professional, Louisa took this lovely picture of Karen yesterday, Louisa's website is

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drerosie said...

Fantastic can't thank you enough for great photo's love linda and billy xxxx