Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crags First Camping Trip

Last week we were promised a few dry days so decided to get the camping gear out & head for Kendal. We took a list of sites with us, good job as the one we had planned to go to was full, second choice wasn't so we found ourselves camping just outside of the village of Crook to the west of Kendal. This was also a test as to how well Crag would get out with the sights & sounds of a campsite. We got the tent up in about 30mins which was good timing for us There was a lot of space at the campsite so although on leads the dogs could roam a bit We went for a walk from the campsite and spotted the first of many grouse Although we were inside the park boundary it is relatively flat in this area.
Looking across the fields to where the campsite was hidden in the trees
Crag as always has to explore everything
Later that evening, Karen cooking dinner
Crag having a well earned rest
Nobody had pitched near us so after their dinner Andy plays with a tennis ball with them
We are both really worn out!
The next day we drove over to Troutbeck for a walk on the fells.
Looking across to the hamlet of Troutbeck
And down the valley towards the Kirkstone pass
And back towards where we had started with Windermere starting to come into view
Good paths here as we walk along "Garburn Road"
And our first summit of the day Sallows (516m), looking down on Windermere, there was no cairn to rest the camera on for the summit picture
Now that's called too much energy
The mucky puppy
Mostly downhill to our second summit of Sour Howes (483m), again no cairn
Most of Windermere is in view from here
Quite a steep descent from here back to the track
That evening another collie was on the campsite (Millie) & the three dogs had good fun playing together along with some of the children on the site
The next day we decided to stay low level, we firstly drove to Brockhole, thinking the dogs could have a play in the water, but couldn't believe just how many people were there
Hundreds of people enjoying the sunshine, we wanted somewhere a bit more peaceful so drove to Staveley
We walked a short section along the River Kent
Bess & Crag played in the water & we only saw two other people which was more like it
A heron across the river from us
Relaxing in the evening sunshine back at the tent
Sleeping on his bed, but wanting to keep an eye on us
As you can see Crag thoroughly enjoyed his first camping experience, we hope that we get some more decent weather in the next few weeks so we can go again. We will however avoid Ambleside/Windermere/Kendal as the traffic & sheer volume of people was incredible, we know we made a good choice to live on the west coast away from all the tourists!

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