Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Snowy Pictures

Last week we also managed a walk on the line towards Ennerdale after some fresh snow had fallen. Dent from our bedroom window. And the Ennerdale fells also from the window
And from the line
Packed snow underfoot made it not too slippy
Dent from a bit closer
A frozen pond in the field
Great Borne to High Stile in the sunshine
No problems with getting Bess out when there is snow to play in
And of course a stick for Crag
Brrrr rather cold to be living outside though
Our shadows are long in the low sunlight
The Ennerdale fells
Zooming in on Starling Dodd, Red Pike & High Stile
And Crag Fell
A quiet & snowy line
Anne getting the best vantage point for a photo
Our Christmas tree
Thanks to Anne for the following:
Ian, Karen & Andy
Crags new spot, he has taken to watching the world from the window sill, being warmed by the radiator

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let It Snow

Karen's parents were due to travel up to us on Sunday for Christmas, but it was forecast to snow Saturday night so they were persuaded to travel up a day early. The forecasters were right & this was the garden Sunday morning, this is the biggest snowfall we have had in the four winters we have lived here. And out the front And on Crag, who was completely unfazed by the change in conditions in the garden, its the first time he has had snow here Snow on his nose
We went for a walk down the line
An action photo of Bess catching a snowball
And Crag too
Back in the garden Crag made this snowball, we think he was playing with a stick & covered it in snow
Looks like more could fall as these threatening black clouds loom
Yesterday we walked to Longlands, Dent covered with snow
Looking towards Great Borne, Ennerdale
Cleator cricket club
Despite the snow the River Ehen is appealing to Bess!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Few Days in Kenmore

Last week we had another three nights in Kenmore, Perthshire. We arrived about 3:30 & rather than check in took the dogs for a short walk along Loch Tay. The sun was setting & very picturesque, the camera makes it took darker than it was.
Kenmore bridge over the River Tay
The next day we headed to Black Rock where you get good views down onto Kenmore, the white houses nearest are where we are staying
We had hoped for more snow but just the tops which have it
We are walking on easy forest tracks on Drummond Hill
Now that's a big tree, Andy thinking that would keep us in firewood all winter
Crag posing with a mucky tongue
We cross the road near Taymouth Castle and follow this tree lined avenue back.
Maxwells Temple
Looking at the bridge from the other side
Down the Loch with snow on Ben Lawers in the distance
As we still had some time before dark we then followed the other bank of the River Tay, some freshly cut logs
Again nice flat & wide paths
Bess enjoying a dip in the river
This bench is carved out of wood at The Kenmore Hotel
Our camera isn't great at taking night pictures, but everywhere is nice & Christmassy
The next day we set off for the other side of Loch Tay, more snow has fallen on the tops overnight
Believe it or not this phonebox still has a phone in it!
Kenmore reflecting in the Loch
At the highest point of the walk there was a tiny bit on snow on the path
Ben Lawers catching a little sun
A panorama of the view
Looking down on where we are staying
A bridge over Acharn Burn
The falls of Acharn
Not a sign we are familiar with in The Lakes
The lower falls, we have been lucky with very little rain, but then the falls aren't as good.
Then a walk down a track back to the road, Crag unsurprisingly has a stick
A snow shower passes over the Loch
The crannog centre
Despite the cold, Bess still gets into the Loch
We had a lovely couple of days & walks & were very lucky with the weather.